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Back From Martha’s Vineyard!

Martha's Vineyard

Sweeping By : Prints Available

Slow motion of the waves sweeping by a few boulders along the beach.

I’m back from Martha’s Vineyard after a wonderful photo workshop in a fantastic location. Hard to beat MVI for photo opportunities especially at the beaches. Well, even around the towns too! There’s so much to see & do and all of it just makes me think: New England.

Martha's Vineyard

Sun Rising : Prints Available

The sun rising up over ‘sand sculptures’ at Lucy Vincent Beach.

Back From The Smokys!

The Dogwoods of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are just great to photograph and arguably one of my favorite subjects while there.  Simple yet brilliant against the new green grass and leaves of spring.  Hard to beat!  Photographers will use every lens in their bag from wide angles to macros to long telephotos.

Dogwood, Smokys, trees, Spring

The many streams, cabins, scenics, wildlife, sunrises and sunset keep a photographer very busy! But I like it! Worth the trip for someone wanting to see one of our country’s most visited National Parks!


Already planning next year’s photo workshop there…it’s that good: