Samoset, Rockport, Maine, Harbor, New England, Coast

As a photographer I need to be cognizant of the ‘quality’ of light at all times. Geez, I’ll be driving my car and looking at scenes and thinking about how good or bad the ‘light’ is! On the mid-coast of Maine there are many opportunities for various types of light and therefore is a great location for photography. I went to Rockport, Maine’s harbor area in the afternoon before the sun got too low so that I could capture some scenes in ‘warm’ light. The dinghys, ropes and schooner was just a perfect location to explore. A little luck never hurts either as the schooner left about 30 minutes after I got there. The scene wouldn’t have been the same without that schooner (named Heron).

Rockland Harbor in Rockland, ME

So, chase the light to get the best shots you can. Anyway, I’m off to chase some clouds in my scenes now! Good luck.

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