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Image Processing Is Important Too!


Image processing is important too! As a photographer I need to think about my ‘art’ and what I’m trying to convey to the viewer. Taking a technically accurate and proper photo with one’s camera gear is really important for an image to be successful. But, that’s just the beginning. In the ‘film days’ we clicked the shutter and sent our slide film off to be processed. You had to ‘get it right in-camera’. Today with digital photography one has some ‘latitude’ when creating an image. Take the photo….then ‘process’ it yourself at your computer to get to the final image.

Processing in my opinion is a key if not critical step as part of the overall process of creating an image that ‘feels right’. If an image doesn’t feel right then is it truly fine art? Is it complete? Will anyone be interested in looking at the image? I can’t answer that but what I can say in my own images I:

  • Have a strong idea as to what the final image will look like when I’m done at my computer. I usually know this at time of capture! Plan ahead….
  • Get the shot in as technically capable manner as possible so my ‘processing’ will be easier.
  • Create the final image and make sure it’s complete. I check every part of the image, color balance, overall content, the edges and all four corners. It’s all got to feel right to come together and be complete!

For the viewer of any photograph: enjoy the images you look at and try to think what the photographer is trying to convey.  Enjoy their work and put your own thoughts into the image as well.

Bob Ring





Where’s The Snow?

PRNWR, New England, Winter, snow, pink house, sunrise, Newburyport

Where’s the snow?  This photograph above was taken a year ago in February 2015 one of our snowiest winters ever.  Snow around ‘The Pink House’ must have been knee deep.  Going there at sunrise was great to capture a different perspective on the often photographed building in Newburyport, MA.
This year 2016 El Nino is huge apparently so the weather patterns have changed all around the US.  Here’s the ‘Pink House’ this year February 2016.  Kind of looks like late spring to me!  Oh well.  Here’s hoping for some more snow…before it’s too late!

PRNWR, New England, Winter, snow, pink house, sunrise, Newburyport


What Foliage?

NEK, Northeast Kingdom Of Vermont, Fog, Sunrise. New England


Yup. it happens every now and then. Foliage arrives later than expected. And that’s the 2015 foliage report for you! Vermont as a state somewhat relies on foliage but in any given year it may be lousy or late. As a photographer you can’t let the bother you. Vermont is a great scenic state and one that has lots of photographic subjects to explore and see. So when you’re there and the foiliage is lacking go for other subjects like farms with cows, sunrises and sunsets, little towns, covered bridges and lots more. That’s what we did!


Don’t you just wish everything was perfect?  Hmmm, maybe not you think.  Perhaps that’s right.
Don Toothaker & I did some judging at a camera club recently and it’s something that Don really enjoys a LOT.  And he’s very good at it.  I like it but find it difficult to do as I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Yet at the same time I want to help photographers learn.  So, I ‘judge’ on occasion.  It’s something as co-owners of New England Photo Workshops that we
know may help our business (www.nephotoworkshops.com) as well by enabling camera club folks to meet & interact with us.
We got some feedback from one of the new folks we had just met. He said that he now knows he needs to learn to evaluate his images better to improve his techniques to get sharper photos based on our comments about his images.  He was going to take more steps to know his camera better and learn how to use it easily.  He even went so far as to say that we were an inspiration and he thanked us for doing what we do.

How cool is that?!

It was and is “worth the trip” to each us when we get feedback like that. We love photography and find things like this experience really rewarding.

Keep shooting, have fun, get the shot and shoot what you feel….


New Blog And New Gallery!


Well, I’ve finally done it > started a blog for my www.robertmringphotography.com web site! I hope to talk about various things that will include workshops, photo shoots, images, how-tos and much more as I get this thing started! Stay tuned for blog posts along the way.

Other News is that I’ve created a new Gallery on my web site. I know. About time. But anyway I’ve called it Fine Art. And of course that could bring up another argument such as what is Fine Art? I’m not gonna go there if you don’t mind. At least not for today. Here’s the link to it if you’d like to check it out: http://www.robertmringphotography.com/gallery/fine-art/

So, that’s enough News for one day: New Blog And a new Gallery called Fine Art
Thanks, Bob Ring