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April 11, 2019: Cape Ann and me!

Cape Ann and me!

One of my images was chosen as the cover photo for the 2019 Rockport Map & Guide brochure.  Cool stuff. I also belong to the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

Sec. 7, 2018: 2019 Calendar available in very Limited Quantities....

2019 Calendar available in very Limited Quantities....

My 2019 calendar is available in very limited quantities as of this date.  Selling quickly so don't wait.  Includes free shipping to CONUS.  Printed on thick stock paper the individual images are great for framing (as many have done with my calendars over the years).When they're gone they're gone......The link incudes links to the individual images for purchase on their own in various sizes.

November 30, 2017: ​Rainbows At Nubble​

​Rainbows At Nubble​

'RAINBOWS AT NUBBLE'......nothing wrong with a little luck.....
Me and a couple of friends hemmed & hawed about whether or not we should take a field trip to Portland Head Light or Nubble Light. Since we couldn't leave until after lunch we decided on Nubble as we'd have more 'shooting time'.
When we got there a front was passing through with high wind gusts and some rain. Yeah we were in the car waiting out the rain and then we heard someone next to us yell out "RAINBOW"! I guess. So, for the five minutes or so that it was there we were scurrying around the rocks handholding our cameras to 'get the shot'.
Whew what a great experience!
Taken with a full frame camera at iso400, 35mm, f6.3 and 1/800 sec

September 30, 2017: New Blog Post: Get Up Early!

New Blog Post: Get Up Early!

I just posted a new Blog post about getting up early.  Whether you're a photographer or not getting up early and seeing quiet nice light before the 'busy' day starts is a great thing to do for anyone!

March 30, 2017: New Blog Post

New Blog Post

Image processing is important too! In today's 'digital' age' it sure is!  Some thoughts for photographers and viewers of photography alike.

February 3, 2016: Where's The Snow?

Where's The Snow?

Please see my recent blog post to see what a difference a year makes!  Lot's of snow > No snow.

September 28, 2015: What Foliage?

What Foliage?

Yup. it happens every now and then.  Foliage arrives later than expected.  And that's the 2015 foliage report for you!  Vermont as a state somewhat relies on foliage but in any given year it may be lousy or late.  As a photographer you can't let the bother you.  Vermont is a great scenic state and one that has lots of photographic subjects to explore and see.  So when you're there and the foiliage is lacking go for other subjects like farms with cows, sunrises and sunsets, little towns, covered bridges and lots more.  That's what we did!

August 23, 2015: Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets

There's nothing more fun and exciting for a photographer to be chasing sunsets!  I've done it many times and can expect to do it a lot more.  This pond is near my house and it faces Westerly so it's a perfect spot.  That's especially true if there's no wind and the surface is nice and smooth because then you can get reflections too!  Lots of fun. Lots of images.  Changing skies.  Changing reflections. In a short time.

August 16, 2015: Lightning In Eastern Massachusetts

Lightning In Eastern Massachusetts

I never used to 'chase' thunder & lightning storms for the lightning.  I've simply admired & enjoyed the crazy clouds that are part of these storms.  But, now that I'm able to use a device to capture lightning with my camera.....well that changes everything!
I just have to be monitoring the weather, checking radar, being ready to go and getting into position somewhere there is an open space to see what's coming. I've been soaked as has the camera so hand towels and my yellow slicker at the ready is a must.  I'm gonna kind of miss Summer when these storms no longed pass by....

July 14, 2015: Busy and then some...

Busy and then some...

It's been a while since my last News report!  I've been busy with photo workshops ( and my own landscape photography.  I'd rather be busy than just sitting around though!  These are exciting times for a photographer as new cameras continue to be introduced that 'raise the bar' for image quality and size at resonable prices.  Sofware is right along beside those new cameras with exciting new techniques to enable great 'standard' style images but also to be able to create unique imagery.  All fun.  End of July I go to Lubec, Maine for another BOLD Coast of Maine photo workshop.  Arguably one of my favorites.  I mean how can one go wrong?  Explore the Maine coast, photograph Puffins, go onto Campobello Island in Canada!  How diverse is that?!  Anyway, back to work!

May 22, 2015: Back From Martha's Vineyard!

Back From Martha's Vineyard!

I'm back from Martha's Vineyard after a wonderful photo workshop in a fantastic location.  Hard to beat MVI for photo opportunities especially at the beaches.  Well, even around the towns too!  There's so much to see & do and all of it just makes me think: New England.  

May 1, 2015: Back From The Smokys!

Back From The Smokys!

WOW! What a trip.  Just put some images into the galleries 'Outside New England' and of course have many more available but too many to load here!  The weather was fantastic in general.  The caveat being the one morning on top of Clingman's Domefor sunrise when the winds were about 30mph sustained and the temp was not quite 40 degrees.  Yikes!  All around though a great trip to one of America's most visited National Park.

April 20, 2015: New Blog Post: Off to the Smokys

New Blog Post: Off to the Smokys

Last year we decided that we wanted to have our first 'official' photo workshop ( outside of New England.  Don & I both had an interest in the Smoky Mountains so that become our choice!  It was a great week to explore and work with folks and get some great images for an area other than New England.  Can't wait to do it again later this week.

March 31, 2015: New Blog Post Today

New Blog Post Today

My Best Camera is the one I have with me.  I know you've heard it before but for photographers they need to practice that....have one with you all of the time....
Yes, I have a cell phone.  But, it's a cell phone for me with picture taking a very last resort with it! 

March 7, 2015: End of snow?

End of snow?

Today the long range forecast is more like Spring than Winter.  Shucks, we were on a roll there for a while and now may miss breaking the all time "in recorded history" snowfall amount as measured at Logan Airport! I'm glad that I chased snow photos as the blizzard and other big storms blew through the area.  I've uploaded some more 'snow' photos today.  It won't be long before it'll be gone I guess......

February 28, 2015: New Blog and New Gallery!

New Blog and New Gallery!

I've finally decided to create a blog and launched it yesterday.  At the same time I also added a new gallery to my web site that is about Fine Art.

Blog: I'm planning to offer various information on photo workshops, lightroom tips, image stories and just about anything that might be of interest related to photography.  The Blog is located here: and am hoping that folks will interact with me on various subjects.  I really enjoy photography & helping others so let's see how it goes!

Fine Art Gallery: I've been taking what I would consider "Fine Art" images for years.  I kept true to the scenic/landscape mode on this web site and finally have decided to break out of the mold!  I believe Fine Art to be great for wall hangings in homes or offices so I'm now offering prints for that interest.  The new Fine Art gallery can be found at the link here:

Hope you enjoy the News as we get rolling along into 2015. Bob Ring 

January 31, 2014: New Year - New Excitement!

New Year - New Excitement!

This past year was crazy.  Busy & exciting all at the same time.  This year promises to be just as much if not more fun for this photographer!  As co-owner of I also get to work in photography and explore New England with other photographers that not only want to explore NE but also want to learn more about photography.  I love sharing my knowledge with others and am thrilled when someone tells me that I've helped them in some area of photography.  My pesonal goal in 2015 is to be more creative in my photography, learn new techniques and teach those new techniques to other photographers! Hope you've set goals for yourself as well!

December 21, 2014: Nubble Light Adventure!

Nubble Light Adventure!

A few days ago I went up to the coast of Maine to photograph Nubble Light with the Christmas lights.  They put the lights on every year and I hadn't been there to photograph then for a few years.  So, off I went.  I arrived around 3pm and stayed past sun down to around 5pm.  Only two hours but a lot can happen in just two hours.  Sure enough the skies were fantastic with various cloud formations including, somewhat rare for this area, even some lenticular clouds.  And of course as the sun goes down the light and color of the light is ever changing.  Positioned on the rocks in front of this lighthouse I was ready for the 'ride' as the 40 deg temps with 30mph winds made it quite cold but the scene was so dynamic and the images just wonderful I loaded 6 new photos taken during that brief time.  Hope you check them out!

November 26, 2014: What A November It's Been!

What A November It's Been!

From a photographer's viewpoint: it was a great October.  But November's been full of opportunity to capture New England scenes at their best.  From fog to foliage to red sunsets I have had one great photographic month!  Along with that, I sincerely enjoy helping photographers to grow their skills in taking & processing their images and this past month has been great from that aspect.  I gave a presentation to my local camera club and now we're planning to do many more presentations & photo workshops in the new year.  I'm doing something I love and I feel fortunate.....

October 25, 2014: Fall In The Berkshires

Fall In The Berkshires

Every year foliage appears in New England and I typically find myself in Vermont or near my home in eastern Massachusetts looking to capture images of the foliage.  This year I had the good fortune to be in the Berkshires (western, MA) in mid October.  Most of the foliage was nearing the end of its glory but was still good enough to enjoy.  Our workshop ( just completed this past week and was one to enjoy!  We visited the Berksire Equestrian Center, the Inn At Richmond and the Hancock Shaker Village (image here: to round out a great few days in the Berkshires.

October 1, 2014: Nature Scenes

Nature Scenes

My Nature gallery has been feeling slighted lately as I've only been adding images to my New England gallery!  Well, I just added some images from two great areas of New England: Acadia NP and the Baxter State Park area.  These locations easily provide some great views for tourists or photographers to enjoy that really say this is New England.  'Nature' of course includes no 'hand of man' components in the image as opposed to a scenic which may include a road, a path, a fence, a nice red barn or other subject that makes an enjoyable scenic a great image.  Sometimes it's best to just enjoy nature as it is....

September 8, 2014: Fall Arrives With A Show!

Fall Arrives With A Show!

Every year around Labor Day here in New England the 'air changes'.  That means the hot hazy days all of a sudden get cool signaling the next season: Fall.  This year the weather in our area was unique in that we only had five 90 deg days this Summer.  Then we had two 90 deg days after Labor Day!  On September 6th a cool front made its way across New England towrads the coast.  With the temps in the high 80's it was inevitable that the fronts would clash with rain & thunder & lightning.  Oh, and don't forget rainbows too!  This is one of my faorite images from the 2 hours or so as the front went though.

August 12, 2014: Stormy Day In Massachusetts

Stormy Day In Massachusetts

On July 28, 2014 a tornado touched down in Revere, MA causing a wide area of damage to many homes in that area.  I live about 25 miles north of that but experienced what seemed like torrential downpours and high winds.  That was in the morning.  Later in the day another set of storms came by and warnings were out for even another tornado in the area.  Realatively rare for this part of the country.  I 'chased' the storm clouds as they headed northeast towards the coast from my town.  I ended up in Newburyport, MA to capture some great cloud & sky images.

July 28, 2014: Penobscot Bay and more....

Penobscot Bay and more....

Penobscot Bay on the coast of Maine includes many great spots for a photographer.  Camden & Rockland Harbors are great, Marshall Point Lighthouse is fantastic day or night.  There's so much more to see and enjoy along the Maine coast.  I highly recommend this area for one to explore and enjoy as the Maine coast is full of scenic "treasures".

July 1, 2014: The Great North Woods Of Maine

The Great North Woods Of Maine

Well, Don & I just completed a couple of photo workshops up in Millinocket, Maine.  Our 3rd year of holding a photo workshop in and around Baxter St Park.  Just a wonderful place full of nature and wildlife.  We'll be going back again to explore the area for great scenics, birds & wildlife such as deer, moose & bears!  Check out the workshops tab at the following

June 2, 2014: Dream Road On Chappy

Dream Road On Chappy

I had the opportunity to visit Martha's Vineyard a couple of times in the past two months.  What a wonderful place.  I've added some other images to my web site but this one is a favorite of mine.  Chappy is what the 'locals' call Chappaquiddick Island which is really part of Edgartown.  The moment I saw this road on Chappy I had to take the photo.  Some 'extra' processing helped it to get to the final image you see here.
Search  Marthas Vineyard to see more from this wonderful New England location!

May 5, 2014: Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse

We just spent a day on the southern coast of Maine exploring lighthouses, and harbors of Maine.   Portland Head Light is one of my favorite lighthouses (although Nubble Light is right up there!).  The image here in this News clip is my favorite ever of this light house.  We had perfect conditions for a sunset on Friday and on the sunrise the next morning.  And that is often times the there....spend get the shot you want.

April 29, 2014: Exploring Martha's Vineyard

Exploring Martha's Vineyard

We've got a photo workshop coming in a couple of weeks on Martha's Vineyard.  Haven't been there in a long time so we went from before dawn to sunset and explored the island for a day!  MVI has a lot to offer and should be a great workshop with small harbors, little towns, lovely beaches, old stores and so much more.

April 19, 2014: The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains

Back home from the Great Smoky Mountains.  What an adventure!  A truly photo rich location for any photographer and I'm glad we went there.  We liked it so much we're going back again next year!  The history, the overlooks, streams, waterfalls, nature & wildlife were just fantastic to see & photograph.  I heartily recommend that if you've never should go.  A great location for anybody who enjoys our wonderful country!

April 5, 2014: Traveling To The Great Smoky Mountains

Traveling To The Great Smoky Mountains

It's been a busy winter so far and now for Spring I head off to the Great Smoky Mountains for ten days!  So, my photography here in New England takes a break.  As co-owner of New England Photo Workshops ( Don & I have our first outside of New England photo workshop!  Should be fun & exctiting as this National Park is the most popular one in the country.  Can't wait to see the fog over the mountain tops.....

January 20, 2014: Snow In New England

Snow In New England

Yup, we got snow.  And more cold temps are coming.  Hey, it's only mid January so we got a ways to go.  This weekend we had our first really wet, heavy snow storm of this winter.  That's the time for photographers to head out and do their thing.  I did.  The roads were slippery and almost treacherous but go slow and get your shots!
I really like snow scenes and always want to get some images when we get snow.  You have to get them while the gettin's good as some winters we may only get a couple of storms all year.  One never knows with New England weather!  
I also went out the next day and found a nice red barn and an old hay rake in the snow besides the usual 'down the road' shots.  Hope your winter is going well!

A couple of more from this snow storm here:

January 4, 2014: New Year - New Web Site Name!

New Year - New Web Site Name!

After a lot of thought I've decided to change the web site name from one with the word 'Scenics' in it and web address of my 'Scenics' web site to  I've had the logo 'kicking' around for years and just finally thought it was time to freshen things up a bit.  So, the first image I've added to my web site is 'Big One' taken yesterday at Gloucester, MA as the first blizzard of 2014 heads away from New England.

November 18, 2013: Reflections In The Morning

Reflections In The Morning

The lobstermen I overheard in Rockport Harbor said it best: "there's absolutely no wind".  That's a good thing for those guys but Great for photographers!  I traveled around Essex, Ipswich, Rockport & Annisquam, MA one morning looking for still water and reflections.  Got'em!  These harbors are well known to those living on the North Shore in Massachusetts & in particular what's known as the 'other' cape or Cape Ann.  I frequent these locations at various times of the year and almost always find great images. Some new images from that morning can be found here:

October 1, 2013: Foliage In Northern NH

Foliage In Northern NH

WOW!  Did I say WOW!?  Living in New England my whole life I've seen many seasons come and go.  And of course the fall is my favorite with great temps and nice foliage.  Now, some years the foliage leaves a lot to be desired.  Not this year. Up in northern NH this past weekend it was PEAK and fantastic!  The plan now for me is to follow it as it heads south.  Ok, I'm off to check out some more foliage scenics.....

PS: One of my favorites from the past week is here:

September 14, 2013: Stormy Afternoons

Stormy Afternoons

This past week here in the Northeast has been an interesting one with all of the sunny moments followed by storms and big downpours.  It's catching the light in between that makes all of the difference for a photographer though.  The sunflower field ( (not far away from my home) and the 'lonely tree' made for some great subjects with the dramatic skies to offest them.  An old pink house ( on the way to Plum Island stood out against storm clouds with a small un-paved road leading to it.  A great week for photography!

August 24, 2012: Lubec, ME For A Week

Lubec, ME For A Week

I just came back from being in Lubec, ME and area for a week.  What an exciting photo workshop we just had (!  I've always been keen to visit that area since I really wanted to photograph the lighthouses there.  East & West Quoddy Lights are spectacular & unique but Mulholland Light (shown here) offers it's own brand of excitement.  Easily seen from Lubec and best photographed in the afternoon this lighthouse offers a different experience when photographed in the morning.  One can see Lubec in the background for a great story.  But this cloud made it one very unique experience!

July 27, 2013: Owls Head, ME Visit

Owls Head, ME Visit

I just recently (July 2013) visited Owls Head harbor again.  This harbor is my most favorite harbor anwhere.  There, I said it: anywhere!  I love visiting this harbor.  Not only as a photographer but as someone who enjoys watching part of the lobster industry at work.  There's always a lot of activity here.  There's always something to photograph.  How can I go wrong?  This past time I had one great visit thanks to the weather this time.  I started out under a bland & gray sky to passing rain showers to a little sun to rainbows to colorful skies.  It'll be tough for Owls Head to match that kind of 'show' again!

July 12, 2013: Monhegan Island Visit

Monhegan Island Visit

Monhegan, ME is a great place to visit.  It's 10 mi from the mainland and has just a few autos (mostly trucks) on dirt roads. The 2000 census reported 75 year-round residents.  It's a pleasure to be able to 'go back in time' so to speak so close to home.  Walking around for a day affords one the opportunity to really explore the island and for a photographer to capture the essence of Maine at its very best.  Looking forward to going back again.

June 7, 2013: Baxter State Park Never Fails!

Baxter State Park Never Fails!

Baxter State Park never fails!  Taking the short hike out to Sandy Stream Pond early in the morning certainly has its rewards.  You'll either see moose on the loose or a beautiful scene before you.  The morning I took this photo we saw both.  If you ever have the opportunity go out to the pond do it....and enjoy nature at it's finest in the wilderness of Maine!  You won't regret it I'm sure.

February 23, 2013: The Nubble Light Project

The Nubble Light Project

The Nubble Light Project: Born & raised in Masachusetts I have photographed Nubble Light on the Maine coast too many times to count!  Going back to the days of Kodachrome to my digital SLRs I use now this is one of my most favorite lighthouses.  It's so accessible for me by car that I can monitor the weather and drive to the lighthouse on a moment's notice.  I hope to make some images that I'll treasure for years to come and hopefully for others to admire as well.

February 6, 2013: Take The Photograph!

Take The Photograph!

I've driven by this front porch many times and never stopped.  There was always some reason.  But this day there was nice light and nothing on the porch but a lone chair.  I stopped and took the photograph.  I wanted something plain and simple and in black & white.  Got it!

January 1, 2013: Black & White and 2013

Black & White and 2013

I've missed a few months with no 'news' items.  My new year's resolution is to lose weight.  Uh, no....wait a's to post a news item and new images at least once a month. Now...that's more like it.  Latest image is a Black & White image and you can expect more this coming year.  I've been keen on B&W photography much more lately as digital photography makes it so much easier.  Oh, and it allows me to be more creative in my conversions too!  Anyway, Happy New Year!  Bob

September 7, 2012: Good Harbor Sunrise

Good Harbor Sunrise

I am a co-owner of a photography workshop business here in New England ( and some of our attendees wonder why we always ask them to get up for sunrise.  The photo beside this article is how the day started but the photo at the link here is a great example of why we get up early!  The best light for a photographer is early morning and evenings.  So, why not take advantage of that!  Today was one of those exceptional mornings but if you're not there you won't get the shot!

July 10, 2012: Why New England?

Why New England?

My photography career has brought me to some great places around New England to photograph & explore. Me & my business partner Don T have turned our New England Photo Workshops business ( into a small company that helps photographers to learn about all aspects of photography. Most of all though we (and they) get to enjoy some great locations that only New England can offer. Most of my images are taken right here in New England! I really enjoy doing what I'm doing and hope you enjoy my work! Thanks, Bob

April 5, 2012: Lighthouses


I haven't posted here in a while since I've been so busy with my company  ( with Don Toothaker so I thought I'd post some of my favorite images.  Yup, lighthouses!  How can one go wrong with lighthouses? They're so 'iconic' and interesting to photograph that it's always something different with the various weather and conditions here in New England.  In order to capture the best that each lighthouse has to offer a photographer should visit the lighthouse frequently and wait it out.  Meaning stay from the afternoon into the evening as the changing light can provide some interesting variations. 

December 16, 2011: 2012 Calendars Available!

2012 Calendars Available!

I'm busy planning workshops for next year (  but wanted to offer my Robert Ring Scenics 2012 calendar for sale.  These wall hanging calendars are made from very good quality stock here in the USA.  The size is 8½x11 with spiral binding and hole for hanging.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it in your office or home!
Thanks, Bob Ring

September 30, 2011: From The Beach to Foliage

From The Beach to Foliage

Don Toothaker & I just completed a long weekend photoraphy workshop (web site: on Cape Cod with base of operations at Provincetown.  I've added three photos to the 'New England' portfolio from that workshop.  There's no other place like Cape Cod here in Massachusetts!  But, now we move on to our fall season and prepare for a photo workshop in Vermont.  We've been to Vermont many times and have chosen places that really illustrate Vermont at it's finest.  The foliage should be better this year than last as the state received plenty of rain (arguably too much).  Fall is my favorite time of year!

August 29, 2011: Summer Ending In New England

Summer Ending In New England

Summer in New England this year has been unlike many before it. The sky & clouds have been dramatic more often than not even when the temp is in the 90's.  I've been real busy working on our New England Photo Workshops( as we grew from 3 last year to 7 scheduled this year.  Don & I have been fortunate to have some great friends join us in the various locations in Maine, Massachusetts & Rhode Island so far this year.  I've added four photos to my scenics web site where a couple were taken during workshops & two were not.  Scouting locations is a year round job!  Am looking forward to the fall as that means I get to go to Cape Cod (after the vacationer rush is over) and Vermont for foliage.  Hope you had a great summer!

April 18, 2011: Morning After A Spring Storm

Morning After A Spring Storm

Just had an evening rain storm here in Massachusetts. Really glad that winter is finally over! I went out the next morning to Rockport & Gloucester to check out the clouds & ocean waves and shot a lot of photographs as the ocean & sky was really dynamic. The message for any photographer is that bad weather can make for great photographs as shown here. The other note is that these types of scenes lend themselves to great black & white images as well.

February 1, 2011: NE Winter & Snow

NE Winter & Snow

Well, so far it has been quite a winter.  The avg winter season snowfall as recorded in Boston is about 42 inches and we've passed 60 inches so far.  As I type this we're in the middle of another storm that will bring 3-8 inches depending where you are by the end of the day.  The news though is about a foot more tomorrow will have fallen.  Two days, two snow storms. And so it goes!  So, for a photographer winter is usually quite gray & boring.  Not the case this year! 

January 7, 2011: Thinking In Black & White

Thinking In Black & White

Winter for a photographer is a perfect time to be 'thinking' in Black & White.  Historically, all photography was originally monochrome (or black & white) so it's really the foundation of photography but all too often it gets left behind.  I enjoy B&W images and especially enjoy prints in B&W.  A good black & white print provides one with the 'classic' look of an old photograph. 

Sept. 13, 2010: September In Vermont

September In Vermont

I know what you're thinking. Why not October in Vermont? Well, yes I'll be in Vermont in October as well. I just went up to Vermont with Don T. to prepare for our upcoming workshop ( that begins on October 8th. Vermont is really wonderful anytime of year and has lots to offer for both the photographer & the tourist. I just loaded 3 new photos from yesterday's trip onto the web site and think that they really speak to a few highlights of Vermont.  One is of an old non-working farm ( and the other two photographs of a stream and a waterfall can be found here: and here:

August 19, 2010: Mid-Coast Of Maine

Mid-Coast Of Maine

Last weekend I was along the mid-coast of Maine working with some great photographers in a photography workshop called Lighthouses & Lobsters Photo Workshop that was run by myself and my friend Don (  What a great area to enjoy and photograph. Great weather and great locations.  All of the photographers in this workshop worked diligently for two straight, and very long, days.  We even had a chance to enjoy some Maine seafood in a couple of harbors.

August 6, 2010: Highlights On The Maine Coast

Highlights On The Maine Coast

My wife & I spent a week on the mid-coast of maine in late July at our timeshare (Samoset Resort). I did my usual 'thing' and took photos around the area and captured some nice moments. One shows a small schooner returning to port in Camden Harbor (  Another is a photo ( I took from the top of Mt. Battie while I watched a rain storm roll by and through Penobscot Bay one afternoon. The third one I've added is of some boats just before dusk in Rockland Harbor (  Thanks for looking. Bob

June 30, 2010: NEPW at Acadia

NEPW at Acadia

Myself & Don Toothaker of New England Photo Workshops ( just completed a 3 ½ day photo workshop in Acadia National Park with 11 great photographers.  We hit all of the 'classic' locations in sun & rain but also explored some hidden gems.  This National Park is certainly a joy to behold in any weather and any season.  I can't wait to go back again!

June 20, 2010: Lighthouse Trip

Lighthouse Trip

Started out in the afternoon at Portland Head Light and ended up at Nubble Light late afternoon.  The waves all day were driving into the shore.  Not a common occurrence for a June day along the Maine coast but it made for some great photos!

June 5, 2010: Lupine Time Again

Lupine Time Again

It's Lupine time here in New England and many a photographer are driving to various locations to capture them.  In fact, this weekend a Lupine Festival is being held in NH.  The forecast is for showers & storms but there should be breaks in between.  This shot is a small field a few miles from my home.  I do enjoy the purples and made sure this image really captured the saturated colors. 

May 3, 2010: Visit To Cape Cod

Visit To Cape Cod

Took a drive to Cape Cod in early May where the day started out with rain but the forecast was for it to clear. My photos include overcast and bright blue skies with great clouds for a good "mix". I've loaded 3 other images from the trip to my New England gallery and will be adding more. One of my favorites is the one of the red boat on the sand in Chatham. The area was great with calm waters and really exemplifies what one would think of "the Cape" .

April 10, 2010: Saw A Moose In Maine!

Saw A Moose In Maine!

I was up at the Bar Harbor area preparing for our  June workshop in Acadia.  Don T & I were taking photos around the Bar Harbor downtown area and spotted this moose on the roof.  He was all lit up at night.  Couldn't miss him day or night!

March 25, 2010: Essex, MA trip

Essex, MA trip

I took a break from the computer (!) and went out to Essex, Massachusetts with my friend Don.  Our goal was to head towards Manchester-By-The-Sea for some coast line photography but we never got past a historic farm known as Cogswell's Grant in Essex.  This 18th-century farmhouse overlooks the Essex River. The owners who purchased this property in 1937 spent more than 50 years of collecting mostly objects with their original finishes and New England histories. We had rain and cold weather until mid-day when the clouds finally broke.  A photo of the Cogswell's Grant buildings is shown here but definitely check out the red barn at this link (

March 19, 2010: Cape Ann Highlights

Cape Ann Highlights

I visited Cape Ann with some friends to take some photos on a great New England day!  We were able to photograph Gloucester harbor while the boats were coming and going.  The morning sun helped as I captured a couple of panoramas of the harbor.  I really like the apparent closeness of the homes to the harbor in the background.  Blue sky and lots of detail were the highlight.  After that we moved on to Rockport and had lunch on the waterfront overlooking Motif #1 (  While walking around we were able to meet a gentlemen that was carving out lobster buoys made of wood.  He shared a few stories with us about buoys and the fact that wood buoys were 'outlawed' years ago and that he is the only person he knows that still makes them (by hand!).  They were banned from use so that boats wouldn't lose their props if they ran over a wood buoy. A little piece of lobster history there.

March 9, 2010: The NH Circle

The NH Circle

Went with 3 friends for the day to take photos.  We started out in Exeter, NH then to Portsmouth off to New Castle and then to Rye Harbor for a day of photography!  Old barns, farms, rivers, seaside docks and harbors were the highlights of this trip.  One of the early stops was by the Hillside Farm (photo shown here). I really like the shadows from the big old tree while looking toward the farm.

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