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Rainbows At Nubble

York, Maine

Me and a couple of friends hemmed & hawed about whether or not we should take a field trip to Portland Head Light or Nubble Light. Since we couldn't leave until after lunch we decided on Nubble as we'd have more 'shooting time'.
When we got there a front was passing through with high wind gusts and some rain. Yeah we were in the car waiting out the rain and then we heard someone next to us yell out "RAINBOW"! I guess. So, for the five minutes or so that it was there we were scurrying around the rocks handholding our cameras to 'get the shot'.
Whew what a great experience!
Taken with a full frame camera at iso400, 35mm, f6.3 and 1/800 sec. Photo © copyright by Robert M Ring.

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